Many patients take advantage of their private or company health insurance schemes to have greater control over the timing and location of their surgery.

Whilst it is possible to arrange a private consultation directly, it is preferable to have a referral letter from your family doctor (essential if you have health insurance and a good idea if you are self-funding your appointment and/or treatment with me). It is always sensible to make sure your family doctor knows of any planned treatment and that he/she has the chance to let me know of any relevant medical conditions. Also, the medical history provided by your family doctor can save time and help focus any investigations.

I recommend that you discuss with your private health care insurer should you wish to receive private treatment, as they will clarify if there are any financial limits or exclusions on your policy. As for any balances not covered by your private health insurance, these can be discussed and a quote or invoice detailing these charges provided.

Prior to any treatment or procedure you will be required to provide my secretary with your insurance company details and membership or policy number so we can contact the insurer for pre-authorisation for your private treatment. In some cases, your insurer may give you an authorisation number to quote to us.

For self-funding patients, I am happy to provide estimates for the cost of treatment in advance. Patients who are funding the cost of their treatment themselves are required to settle their account before any procedure is undertaken.

If you have any queries regarding payments, please contact my private secretary:

Sue Cherington

9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Telephone: 01245234411


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